Everything you have experienced, you have created. The world has a script for us all, but I chose to write my own, and live my own. This is a wonderful story of Themba Lukhele, who from humble beginnings, built an empire around himself in his quest for fame, fortune and glory. This biography tells the story of a man’s journey, who braved all the odds to find himself at the top of the pecking order, only to be brought down by a man and a woman who were relentless in their quest to destroy and bring him to his knees. His demise came ultimately at the hands of his judge. I came to a place in my own life where I learnt that God, in His mercy, will sometimes pick up the pieces of our lives and put them together in new and surprising ways. It happened in my life. But before God put the pieces of my life together, I experienced the worst emotional pain of my life. Until you’ve been Through it All, you will have no idea how much it hurts.

As the puzzle pans out, an epic story of a man who defied all odds in search of his true identity, begins to unfold. From the dusty streets of the townships, to the expansive decors fit for a Prince, we find a man’s unrelenting spirit to defy all the odds, and to rise again.

From humble to noble, from ordinary to extraordinary, from Themba Lukhele to Skeem GP, we find a story of greed, power, lust, pain, and ultimately a fight for a resurgence. My struggles, losses and the many hurts I have endured are a part of the price I paid to earn my birth right. I paid for the many sins of my youth. I paid them in full and I’ve paid them in advance, and I’m not going to pay for them ever again. I have learnt that life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood. This is not an audition, you only get one chance to play the part you want. It is going to be your way, or the Skeem GP way. You decide.

Any thought?