Author, businessman, motivational speaker, aspiring musician and philanthropist, Themba Lukhele was born in South Africa in 1979. He grew up in Katlehong, Greater Ekurhuleni District, Gauteng Province. He then matriculated at the Ntombizodwa High School in the year 1998. He is currently enrolled at the University of South Africa studying towards a degree in Political Science.
Being the eldest in a family of three, his quest for excellence in his personal, private and social capacity is nothing but sophisticated. He still enjoys the many blessings afforded to him amidst his busy schedule, but never compromises quality time alone with the loves of his life, his four children. He currently resides in the outskirts of Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa.
Mr Themba Lukhele, during his incarceration has written an inspiring biography about his life including times of overwhelming fame and fortune to ultimate despair physical and spiritual drought inflicted by those who pursued the bounty on his mere existence, extreme popularity and wealth.
Through it All is an amazing story of a simple township boy and his rise to fame. The aim of this project is to have the book published and distributed in South Africa and throughout the globe including all prison libraries , greater municipalities and social service departments.
Our immediate intent is to have the book included as a set work in the English language school curriculum as it is a story of the struggles most of our youth are exposed to and forms a guideline on how to overcome your past hurdles and still remain motivated in a country as fluid as ours. The focus will be directed at creating a publishing house and employing a distribution network which will present the book to a number of prospective parties including government and private and public sectors .
The intended outcome of the project is to educate an individual and in turn empower a nation to have them change their mind sets and tunnel vision to more liberal in their belief system and to create visionaries for the future.
Finding oneself behind the gates that institutionalises the mind and imprisons the soul is not for the faint hearted but there are a few life lessons one can take out a place called prison. It is here in prison that Mr Lukhele embraced the unfortunate and desperate reality and saw it fit to pen his life’s experiences and life in footsteps of the condemned. Taking us back to his early childhood, the antics of youth and the discovery of ultimate indulgence of the flesh, we find an invigorating episode of a man’s quest for excellence despite the odds against him. Although the thoughts of writing a book was a forlorn cry and never intended to be made public, he saw the desperation on the faces of his people and decided to help steer the youth back on the straight and narrow. From
the world of the rich and famous to the den of the outcast we find a man in Themba Lukhele, who even if given a chance to save but a single man, would have realised his dream, His belief is that every man deserves a second shot at the grand prize of life be it a pastor, prophet, preacher, mentor, teacher, motivator, the ordinary man on the street or the no body. It is when a man
can have the heart to say I can instead of I can’t, is then when his life’s journey would have being set in stone and a start of a wonderful new chapter and the dreams of a brother, a sister, a child, the forgotten and the outcast is realised.

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